Tyco Security Products Adds Biometric Identity Management System, Readers to Portfolio

The partnership with Entertech Systems integrates a suite of biometric readers and identity management platform with the C•CURE 9000 security and event management systems

WESTFORD, MA, November 18, 2015 –– Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco, the world’s largest pure-play fire protection and security company, announces the integration of Entertech Systems’ BioConnect identity management platform and Suprema biometric terminals with  C-CURE 9000 security and event management solution from Software House, part of Tyco Security Products. The integration adds the full Suprema product line including the FaceStation to Tyco Security Products’ existing biometric portfolio via the BioConnect 3.1 update.

Biometric readers add a level of security by identifying people through unique characteristics such as fingerprint or facial features. Entertech Systems’ BioConnect identity management platform integrates biometric readers into C-CURE 9000 by syncing the two systems, providing fingerprint or face enrollment with fingerprint and PIN, fingerprint and card, or any other combination of multi-factor authentication. The integration of the readers with C-CURE 9000 allows operators to manage a single user record for both standard access control and biometric access, and also offers flexible operating modes that can be tailored to fit specific security needs.

“Entertech’s identity management platform and biometric terminals are secure and scalable, with the flexibility to be adapted according to need,” said Jason Ouellette, Product Line Director, Access Control, Tyco Security Products. “Their solutions are particularly useful when identity verification and management is mission critical. With C-CURE 9000 at its core, the new integration of Suprema’s FaceStation and existing integration with the full Suprema product family via their BioConnect identity management platform creates a sophisticated and powerful security system that goes above and beyond traditional security.”

The newest Suprema device in the integration, the FaceStation, is a smart face recognition IP terminal built for real-world applications. It boasts incredibly accurate matching by capturing both standard and dynamic templates, giving it the ability to develop a more exact understanding of the daily changing expressions of a face.  The device also offers multi-factor authentication option with card (MIFARE) and PIN. When integrated with the C-CURE 9000, the FaceStation can perform 1:1,000 matches in one second.

C-CURE 9000 also integrates with Suprema’s BioStation T2, BioEntry W and BioEntry Plus readers that are currently part of the Tyco Security Products portfolio.

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