Central Bank of Paraguay

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Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP)

For 15 years, the Central Bank of Paraguay has relied on Tyco Security Products' cutting-edge, integrated security systems to restrict access and protect its multiple locations in downtown Asuncion.

For the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP), security is critical. As Paraguay's highest monetary authority, and the country's governing body on finances and economics, the institution operates a sole central office in Asuncion that encompasses several blocks of buildings, as well as three other offices around the city.

So, in 1996, the company turned to Grupo Sensormatic S.A., an authorized company for Tyco Security Products, to address its vast security needs. At that time, SpeedDomes and the Intellex 1.6 addressed video needs, and were coupled with the AC500 to provide access control.

"Bank security constantly requires looking for solutions to problems that may arise," says Mariano Viveros, Security Chief, BCP. "So, over the years we have renewed and upgraded the product lines as the newest versions have come out."

Protection for BCP is no small undertaking. The central office is so large that it's seperated into different areas, including one where all the offices are, another which is the Cultura Area centered around a multipurpose room, a convention center and a 1100-person theater, and yet another with an amphitheater and an olympic pool. In addition, there are three other offices in different areas of the city. In total, the buildings encompass more than 1 million square feet of space, and employ 930 workers.

"Because we have such a diverse range of buildings, it was imperative that we have a fully integrated access control and perimeter protection system," says Viveros.

So, the institution takes full advantage of Tyco Security Products cutting-edge product lines, building and expanding upon the original system. Currently, they have implemented an integrated security system. CCTV products are exclusively from American Dynamics - including 23 Intellex DVRs, 2 matrix switchers, and a total of 355 fixed and mobile cameras. These cameras were mainly installed for access control around the perimeter and at main points of the operating banks. Operaters use the Policy Manager for the restriction of access to images by Network Client, and the Archive Manager handles the redundancy of the video images.

With regard to Access Control, the BCP has a C•CURE 800 model 20 with 11 apC/8X and 5 iStar Pro Readers, with a mix of Biometric and Proximity. The original two VM96 matrix switches also continue to operate from the 1996 installation, as do a group of eight Speed Domes.

The CCTV is fully integrated with the access control, which feeds into the C•CURE 800, controlling more than 120 readers in different areas of the bank. This process includes handling the entry and exit of people and cars, as well as entry and exit to the office buildings. The Control Access System is also integrated with a StopWare control visit, which provides the BCP with a complete and detailed control of the entry and movement of anybody on the premises.

According to Viveros, the BCP has only experienced minor security events in recent years.

"In the last 10 years, we have not had any incidents in the most critical areas for the bank – including treasury and ATMs," Viveros says. "For the few minor incidences we have had, the security system gives us the benefit of having registered the complete event to clarify any misunderstanding about what may have happened."

Capitalizing on that great track record, the BCP does have plans to expand with Tyco products. Currently, the organization is expanding its facilities, and adding on a perimetral security system to go along with it. And, they are working with Tyco to plan the installation of a Fire Security and Prevention System for 2000 spots around the compound.

"The security of a bank is always evolving, and we need a security company that will continually develop products and solutions to meet these changing needs," says Viveros. "From the first installation in 1996 to the newest solutions of today, Tyco has continued to provide us with the best products to meet all of these requirements."

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