Our user training courses are designed to enable students to explore the capabilities of C•CURE, and how to do the basics well by learning best practices in areas such has as how to effectively manage a cardholder database. Students will also learn how utilising the functions available can help save time and reduce operating costs.

Training for Professionals by Professionals

Tyco has a leading number of User Trainers in APAC, who have had hands-on experience in managing access control within a high security environment where C•CURE was pushed beyond access control to become a security management system. Our Tyco User trainers manage our user training curriculum, as well as delivering engineering courses.

We offer training courses both in the classroom and, where possible, at your location. Below are some of the key benefits of these two options:

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Classroom Based Courses

Structured content with course material & demo software to take away
Learn without the distractions of your working environment
Small class sizes with a maximum of four students
Hands-on with each student using their own C•CURE system
Knowledge share; a classroom based course offers attendees the opportunity to meet other users
Courses are held in the TYCO APAC Security Products offices in Shanghai (China), Bengalore (India) or Singapore.

At your Site or a location of your choice

Training can be delivered in your environment
Beneficial to those customers for whom getting staff off-site for training is operationally challenging
Can be more cost effective for organisations that require a team of operators to be trained
Customers requesting on-site training may be required to cover travel costs for the visiting trainer and shipping costs if any equipment is required


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